Ingal since 1972

Engineering for the agro-alimentary, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our way of working is based on the rigorous application of technical-sanitary criteria, the search for the best technologies, the optimization of production flows and precision in the study of development projects.

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International sector

We have been more than 10 years working internationally as a consulting firm specialized in markets that have recently joined the European Union providing training services, studies, capturing the opportunity for Spanish companies to be present in new markets.

Aimed at customers from the public and private sectors who wish to promote economic, social, cultural development, both in Spain and around the world.

We provide customized solutions to achieve quality results.

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We study, develop and manage all documents and formalities that are necessary for the development of projects, advice to get grants, aid management, correct application of laws and current regulations in each specific area.

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Project engineering

We are an engineering company for agro-alimentary, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We apply rigorous technical–sanitary criteria, we optimize production flows and we develop projects using the best technologies.

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Engineering implementation

We not only provide engineering and consulting services, but we also execute and carry out the projects. We manage the supplies, select the suppliers, direct the works and start up the installations.

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